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Stan took the long route to graduation: University of Washington, Ohio State, stirring slag at the smelter, marriage, kids, and finally, in 1965, graduation. It was time to move to the 'burbs, with the big house, big yard, big family, and a matching Big Dog.



















































































Considered Irish Wolfhounds, and Great Danes, but they just didn't match the yard.


So off it was to the local reputable breeders, Eve and Charles Rankin, and their newborn litter of puppies.


Fell in love with a scruffy little guy we named BeauZeau. Get it? BeauZeau. No wonder the slightly-more-human grandkids ended up with odd names.


Took BeauZeau to a dog show, just so we could say we'd done it, and durned if he didn't win himself a blue ribbon.


It was all downhill from there.


























































































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